DELAND The DeLand Police fake watches Department announced Tuesday it is closing its investigation into a reported attempted sexual battery at a Stetson University fraternity house, saying the two women who reported the incident during the weekend decided not to pursue charges.

But the Alpha Tau fake Audemars Piguet watches Audemars Piguet fraternity remains suspended on campus. The 36 members can't participate in any fraternity activities until the university completes its own investigation and determines ATO's fate.

"They're not currently an officially recognized organization on campus," Stetson University spokesman Brian Miller said.

The incident has drawn an ugly spotlight to a small, quiet campus and a fraternity that has had well publicized problems around the country.

The trouble started early Sunday morning, when two female students called the police and reported someone at the ATO house on campus had tried to assault them.

The DeLand Police report gives this account, based on an interview with the female students:

The women, who came to the on campus house from an off campus ATO party, asked to use one of the rooms to change clothes because they were sweaty and were covered in beer.

Just as they had their pants off, a new pledge who had come into the room tried to have sex with them. One woman told police the pledge removed her underwear and tried to have sex with her before she fought the man off. The other said she simply told him "no" as he came toward her.

Then, while the two women were in a state of undress, some fraternity members entered the room, turned on the lights and began chanting degrading remarks.

After giving a statement to the police, though, the women declined to take any additional action.

Wynn Smiley, chief executive officer of the national Alpha Tau Audemars Piguet headquarters in Indianapolis, said fraternity officials are completing their own investigation.

Two or three members may be suspended because of inappropriate behavior, Smiley said. But the ATO investigation which did not include interviews with the women shows there did not appear to be any attempted sexual assault, Smiley said.

Smiley said investigators were told the women were involved in some kind of consensual sexual activity when some people at the party came in afterward and did something to embarrass them.

"There was consensual activity going on there," Smiley said. "At one point some people had wandered into the room, post activity, I guess, and that's basically the crux of the matter."

In cases like this, "sometimes, we don't know what really went on," said DeLand Police Detective Yohana Arguello.

Donald Sanz, director of Stetson University's counseling center, said it is not uncommon for people who report sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults especially in the fishbowl atmosphere of a college campus to back down later.

"There's the concern of, Hey, I've got to live in this community,' " Sanz said.

In 1988, Stetson University suspended Pi Kappa Alpha after a well publicized incident in which a woman reported fraternity members raped her at a party. Stetson officials said the school suspended two other fraternities since then for bad behavior, but both have since reorganized and come back on campus.

Nationally, ATO has been in trouble on other campuses, most notably last year when two white members at the University of Mississippi posed for a picture, one in blackface on his knees picking cotton, the other dressed as a police officer holding a gun to his head